A member of the AR4 LIGHT RAY UAS family, the Compact model is designed for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions.

The modular and collapsible design enables the systems to be hand-carried and easily operated by only one soldier, with a deployment time of under 5 minutes.

The stabilized high definition EO and IR sensors provide true awareness in both day and night time operations.

With an MTOW of 1,5Kg, the AR4 LIGHT RAY Compact can fly up to 45 minutes at a cruising speed of 57 km/h and has a mission radius of 5 km.

Technical Data

Wingspan 110 cm
Length 90 cm
MTOW up to 2 kg
Payload up to 0.5 kg
Cruising Speed 57 km/h
Range 5 km
Operation Modes Autonomous or Assisted
  • IR, SD and HD optical sensors available
  • Powerful on-board intelligent detection capabilities
  • 2 highly configurable SDR Datalinks
  • Operational in adverse weather conditions
  • Very Fast assembly and deployment
  • Hand Launched, Parachute Recovery
  • Complete system with 2 vehicles fits in 100 L backpack