The AR2 CARCARÁ is a hand launched mini-UAS designed to support search and rescue, surveillance and patrolling operations in operations in maritime and amphibious environments that is currently in operation by multiple forces.

The UAV was developed by the renowned Brazilian UAS manufacturer Santos Lab and is now deeply integrated in the TEKEVER UAS product line, sharing all onboard, communications and ground systems. With this major system overhaul, the CARCARÁ is now fully interoperable with all other TEKEVER UAS, and provides a new range of operational capabilities.

The AR2 CARCARÁ delivers an all day operational capability, by offering multiple EO/IR sensor options on two and three axis stabilized gimbals. With an endurance of up to 2h30m and a cruising speed of 40 km/h, the CARCARÁ can be hand or catapult launched. Recovery is made with deep stall landing, on land or water environments, making the CARCARÁ uniquely prepared for maritime and amphibious operations.

Santos Lab

Technical Data

Wingspan 220 cm
Length 100 cm
MTOW 4 kg
Payload 1 kg
Cruising Speed 40 km/h
Range 20 km
Endurance Up to 2.5 hrs
Launch Hand Launch or Catapult
Retrieval Parachute, Net, or Belly Landing

Payload Options:

  • 2 and 3-axis stabilized single and multi-sensor gimbals
  • Multiple EO/IR sensor options available
  • Communications Relay and SIGINT payloads available Control Station.

Control Station:

  • Ground Station available in multiple configurations, including
    Mobile (laptops), Micro (tablets) and Nano (smartphone) setups