The AR1 BLUE RAY is an autonomous unmanned aerial system (UAS) that delivers advanced information, security, surveillance, monitoring and reconnaissance capabilities in the most challenging operational conditions.

With a diversified payload portfolio, the AR1 is a key asset to support security forces’ missions, building accurate tactical knowledge and delivering enhanced situational awareness.

AR1 BLUE RAY main capabilities

  • Fixed wing mini UAS, designed for operation by Security Forces.
  • Validated and proven (and subsequently acquired) in partnership with Portuguese Police.
  • Real-time Precision Imagery on Demand (High-resolution Image and Video)
  • Powerful On-board Intelligent Detection, Localisation and Tracking Capabilities
  • Communication Relay
  • Operational in Adverse Weather
  • Very Fast Assembly and Deployment
  • Collapsible, Man-Portable & Hand-Launched
  • The EO and IR sensors benefit from the 2-axis stabilised gimbal payload system, which ensures a broad coverage of 110º tilt and 220º pan for daytime and night operations.
  • Commercially launched at Le Bourget 2013


Security missions:

mission security
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Crowd observation, monitoring and control
  • Monitoring of high risk events
  • Perimeter control
  • VIP security
  • Target detection, acquisition and tracking

Meet the AR1

The AR1 BLUE RAY hand-launched system was designed for use by law enforcement personnel.

Technical data

Wingspan 180 cm
Length 120 cm
Available payload capacity: 1.5 kg
MTOW 5 kg
AR1 Blue Ray Police Drone


Endurance Up to 3 h
Operational Range 20 km LoS
Cruising speed 80 km/h
Launch Hand Launched
Recovery Parachute
Belly Landing
Operation Modes Autonomous or Assisted
Engine Electric
Transport 80 L case
Payload Options: Electro-optic