UAS Missions

What are you trying to accomplish? That should be your main question.

TEKEVER's UAS Systems fits every mission and are future-proofed.  Through the ability to upgrade individual components, it's possible to improve the total system without a complete redesign.

You define the mission. We provide the best solution.

Security Missions

AR1 Blue Ray
mission security
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Crowd observation, monitoring and control
  • Monitoring of high risk events
  • Perimeter control
  • VIP security
  • Target detection, acquisition and tracking

ISTAR Missions

AR3 Net Ray
AR4 Evolution
mission istar
  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Target Acquisition
  • Reconnaissance

Environmental Surveillance

AR4 Evolution
AR3 Net Ray
mission environment
  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Wildlife protection

Counter-Terror Surveillance

AR4 Evolution
AR3 Net Ray
mission terror
  • Aerial wide areas patrolling and detection and follow-up of maneuvers in suspect areas and training camps.
  • Continuous surveillance and monitoring of suspect operations.
  • Monitoring of terrorists routes.
  • Detection and identification of illegal activities.

Infrastructure Monitoring

AR4 Evolution
AR3 Net Ray
mission infrastructure
  • Detection of suspect activities in the vicinity of the pipelines/infrastructures
  • Detection of threats in due time, intentional or not, that jeopardize the security of the pipelines/ infrastructures
  • Detection and identification of problems and vulnerabilities of the pipelines/ infrastructures

Wide Area Surveillance

AR3 Net Ray
mission wide areas search
  • Surveillance of wide areas, border perimeter, and detection of suspects maneuvers in the ground
  • Monitor of trans-border routes and detection and identification of borders crossing
  • Detection and tracking of border illegal activities

Near Shore and Maritime Missions

AR3 Net Ray
mission maritime
  • Pollution monitoring and oil spill detection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Anti-piracy and traffic control
  • Fisheries inspection support
  • Border and wide-area patrol

Communication Relay

AR3 Net Ray
mission communications relay
  • Provides connectivity for the ground forces
  • Support to operations “over the hill”
  • Supports local forces (Foot soldiers and vehicles) with a local connections link or satellite link